Cancer Was My Blessing

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From test to testimony, that was the path Yolanda found herself on the moment she discovered a lump in her breast. Initial fear of her diagnosis soon was replaced with a determination and conquering spirit that would not let her simply roll over and give up on life. Recognizing that tomorrow is truly not promised, she decided to turn a life-threatening speed bump into an inspiring example and message of hope. Sharing her trials and tribulations during her span as a cancer patient, Yolanda openly details her journey to becoming a cancer survivor. With a new outlook on life given to her by an illness people don’t like to talk about or acknowledge, she details how a traumatic experience can be the very tool needed to bring out the inner strength in us all. Blossoming victoriously from chemo and becoming cancer free, Yolanda shares how the road to victory over cancer changed her life and the way that she defined herself as a person. What started out as a test of her mind, body, and faith in God became a moment for her to embrace and testify that cancer was never a curse…it was her blessing.

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